Global Residents

You are part of an Under-Served market

  • 50+ million expats
  • 10+ million Americans* living outside the U.S.
  • 6+ million American expats are “mass affluent” and “high net worth”


The financial world for expats is complicated. FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, became a law, enforcing tax filing/reporting for U.S. nationals living overseas. CRS the Common Reporting Standard is doing the same worldwide. More countries are looking at taxing citizens living overseas.


Americans Unwelcome at Financial Institutions

FATCA & IRS penalties have made global banks & financial institution afraid of American.


Brokerage Accounts Closed

  • Closing of accounts for those living abroad
  • Reviews of phone numbers and IP addresses being used to access accounts from overseas

Few Investment Products

  • Ban on purchasing mutual fund if living outside the U.S.
  • European funds generally don’t accept Americans
Financial Advisors Expat Finances

Fearful Financial Advisors

  • Cross-border planning is complicated
  • Few have U.S. partners to work with

Compliant Solution

Universal Access Bonds® are designed to provide expat investors, including Americans & U.S. connected persons and the advisors who serve them, with a comprehensive and flexible investment structure.